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Sarah Booth-Henry

October 20, 2020

Law, Compliance and Why

Success Leaves Clues

In July 1995, Tina was forced to retire from the police service

following an injury sustained in the line of duty.


In this week’s episode we chat about her passion for law and compliance, how she became an Amazon #1 best selling author,

and why overnight success takes years.


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Tina Walsh

In July 1995 Tina was forced to retire from the police service following an injury sustained in the line of duty.  For as long as she could remember that was the career path for her.  And so understandably, she had no idea of what to do next, other than dreaming of one day starting and running her own business.


It was during Tina’s service however, that a passion for law and compliance blossomed, and in 2005, with her husband Tony, the pair bought a rental property which led to them making almost every rookie mistake possible. Or in Tina’s words… ‘an error in judgement’.

Fast forward several years and too much time to name on research and learning, their company Sanctuary Property Sourcing Ltd today offers a bespoke service throughout the North West of the UK.


Tina is the author of Property Sourcing Compliance: Keeping you on the right side of the law – written as she says, ‘in plain English’.

Follow Tina at: Property Sourcing Compliance

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Amazon #1

Best Selling Author

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I'm grateful for my husband

and my children.

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Property Sourcing Compliance: Keeping you on the right side of the law
~ Tina Walsh


Tina’s passion for the law and compliance blossomed whilst she was a serving police officer in the Lancashire Constabulary. Then in 2005 Tina and her husband, Tony decided to invest in a BTL property for extra income, but made almost every rookie mistake possible. The experience somewhat curbed their enthusiasm for property investment, until late 2011 when it was suggested that property sourcing was a good sector to start a business in. Tina is passionate about the property sourcing sector... her aim is to increase awareness, knowledge and professionalism within the sourcing sector, sharing her immense knowledge on compliance with budding new sourcers, established businesses and investors alike.

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Currently reading....


From Stress to Success: How to build a successful business that operates without you
~ John Paul


Most people who think they own a business, don't. They are simply self-employed. There is nothing wrong with being self-employed, but to truly own your business, it must be able to operate successfully without you. If your business can run without you, congratulations! You have a systemised business that you can scale, grow and perhaps even sell. If you are indispensable to your business, then this book was written for you.

In FROM STRESS TO SUCCESS you will learn how to:

•Review your existing processes so you can improve and systemise them
•Write a detailed and usable business operations manual
•Effectively train and develop your team to operate your business without you
•Lead, rather than simply manage, your business and your people
•Build a valuable asset that works for you now, and in the future

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