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Hiya, I'm Sarah

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As a success & confidence consultant, my mission is to guide, empower and inspire women to find their own path and stay the course with their life commitments.

I have been in those shoes, have had highs and lows. I’ve known exactly where I was going (or thought I knew), and I’ve had times where I’ve felt completely lost and without direction.  Adrift at sea with no rudder, lost on the back roads without a map

or any kind of GPS to guide me.


Life’s an adventure, trust the journey.

Honour your journey. 

Steph Bridgeman _ EMA

Steph, Owner / Founder

Sarah and I have worked together for over a decade.  She brings a ray of Californian sunshine into my Lancashire life with her positive attitude and can do approach. We have worked on some fast paced and stressful projects and she keeps me level and focused.


She is reflective and thoughtful and always asks the right questions at the right time.

Sarah is a great communicator, writer and project manager and I learn as much from her as she

does of me.  


Julie, Designer

Sarah is great at keep accountability!

Her style is friendly,encouraging,and motivating.

Working with Sarah has given me measurable progress in attaining my short term goals.

As a bridal accessory designer working from a home-based studio, managing non-creative tasks has previously been a challenge for me. 

She's great for keeping me motivated to work through tasks that I would prefer to put off.

Sarah checks in, helps me to manage my time and pushes me forward with positivity. She is supportive, willing to listen, and offers clear advice when I need it.

Let Sarah assist you on your path to success!


Marisa, Director

Since working with Sarah, I've come to love and appreciate her profound ability to finish my sentences whenever I pitch a new project. She's an excellent listener but more importantly able to hear what's NOT being said. Her intuitive ability to take my initial thoughts and get them down on paper leveraging her creative eye has changed the game for me in my business. Sarah has helped me develop marketing materials that hone in on the exact message I wish to convey. If you wish to learn more about Sarah's skills and experience please do not hesitate to reach out.

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Skype: sarah.booth.henry

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