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Stories of Survival

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Sarah Booth-Henry

Having heartfelt, courageous and inspiring conversations;

sharing stories about surviving those everyday things,

the roadblocks that can trip us up and hold us back

from creating a life that we truly love.

What's New

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December 20, 2022

Grief and the Grieving Process

In 1985 Lianna Champ opened Champ Funeral Services where, instead of providing a purely practical solution to death and funerals, she created a holistic experience that eases the pain of losing someone and helps the grieving process. A Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, she is also the author of “How to Grieve Like A Champ”, and is passionate about caring for those who have been bereaved or who are suffering with unresolved grief.

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December 13, 2022

Working Behind the Scenes

Neil Blackburn offers us a brief glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes - from ensuring the cars always looks their best to the questions he gets asked most often. In this episode, Neil also shares what about the job he wishes he'd been better prepared for.

Kirsty Goodinson,v1.png


December 6, 2022

Being a Funeral Director

After losing her own father, and experiencing the loving care from Champ Funerals, Kirsty Goodinson’s dream was to become a Funeral Director and today, she has special experience working with child loss and helping others pre-plan a celebration of life.

Carl Taylor Podcast(1).png


November 29, 2022

Saying goodbye &

navigating the funeral process

Drawing on more than two decades of experience, Carl Taylor's caring and considerate nature makes him perfectly suited to his role of Funeral Director, Embalmer and Civil Funeral Celebrant. In this episode he chats about how he got his start in this profession and the true understanding he has of each family he works with, their needs and the needs of their loved ones

Victoria Jones New.png


November 8, 2022

Menopause & Taking Charge of the Transition ~ a revisit

Eighteen months ago we began having a conversation about the menopause and taking charge of the transition.  Agreeing to come back, Victoria Jones revisits that conversation to see what’s changed and how the topic has moved forward – or not.

Jenny Palmer Podcast.png


November 1, 2022

Anxiety and

Chronic Pain

Jenny Palmer has lived with anxiety since early childhood and has suffered with chronic pain since her teens. In this episode, listen as Jenny shares her story of dealing with the consequences of both and how she stood by as her husband underwent brain surgery.

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October 25, 2022

Burnout to 'Creative Genius'

In this week’s episode Danny Matthews tells his story of how a burnout saw him quite literally fall to his knees in central London with no feeling from the waist down.

Danny says he was chasing the money and not his dream.

Nicky J DaviesPodcast.png


October 18, 2022

Adventures, Open Skies & Quantum Leaps

In 2004, seeking more adventure in her life, Nicky Davies left her well-paying corporate job to follow her dreams of becoming her own boss.

In this episode, Nicky talks about the difficult times and failures she faced…. and how looking back, she believes in moments of what looked like sure defeat, opportunities presented themselves that allowed for quantum leaps in growth both in her business life as well as her own personal development.

Donte Richardson.png


October 11, 2022

Moving to California and
living in a car
Donté Richardson talks about how, at age 19, he drove across the United States to California on the promise of “just a job interview”.
With little income, despite landing the job, Donté was homeless for three months, and today credits his resilience and his drive for getting him through the toughest of times.

S4.2_Sam Dawson.png


October 4, 2022

From renal failure

to author

At 22 Sam Dawson was told she had renal failure, a condition she’d had since birth, and which had gone undiagnosed.

In this episode she shares her journey from diagnosis to dialysis and from receiving a live donor to becoming a published author.

SBH S4 opener .png


September 27, 2022

What does home

mean to you?

Welcome to the fourth season of the Stories of Survival in the Modern Age podcast.Join Sarah as she talks about finding hearts in daily life, contemplates what home means for her and asks "what does home mean to you?"

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