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Sarah Booth-Henry

March 16, 2021

Tools to increase confidence,

resilience and purpose.

Agreeing to come back and chat in season 2, Anne Skinner

– the author of The New You

chats about self-acceptance, changing the outcome and gratitude. Three of the tools covered in her book for increasing confidence, resilience and purpose.


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Anne Skinner

Anne Skinner is a life coach with over ten years of experience…. However before that, she was a stressed [unworthy] mother, manager and wife.

After her SECOND breast cancer diagnoses in five years .. the penny dropped. She was making herself ill, or at least in Anne’s words “allowing stress to comprise her immune system” to the point where she had little defence.

Anne recalls having on more than once occasion announcing out loud that she just ‘needed’ the world to stop turning so she could catch up.  Well, she got what she asked for!  A break from the pressure of work… AND from everything else in her life.

During Anne’s treatment, and I’m thrilled to say her subsequent recovery, she learned and successfully used a range of techniques that resulted in her having a calmer and more fulfilled life.

More than that though, she learned to fully accept and to love herself as she is, and today uses those same techniques to help others.

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The New You: Tools to increase confidence, resilience and purpose
~ Anne Skinner


Using her personal experience of stress, burnout and recovering from breast cancer, plus ten years of experience as a Life Coach, Anne shares easy to grasp tools and techniques. The book covering areas such as self-acceptance, belief systems, stress management, gratitude, daily habits and more.


Anne stresses that it is ok to feel as you do, be who you are, but that if you want things in your life to be different you need to make changes. This book shows you how to both make them and sustain them.Interspersed with personal stories and examples and exercises each tool is set out in a way the reader can fully engage with and adopt and when put into action, result in an increase in confidence, greater resilience to life's challenges and an improved sense of purpose.

A book to be read from cover to cover and then kept to hand to use as a prompt for further change and persistent action.

What does success mean for Anne?

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Brush stroke 3.png in a way that gives me peace and joy while achieving the things that I want to achieve.

Discover Anne's top 20

strategies to reduce stress

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