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Sarah Booth-Henry

November 9, 2021

Community & the Power of Dance

For as long as she can remember Deanna Roberts has been passionate about dance and through her own dance journey, she’s discovered a joy for teaching.


Currently travelling the Caribbean island of Antigua, in this week’s episode Deanna shares her love of community and her quest to combine her passions.


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Deanna Roberts

Ever since she was a young girl, Deanna Roberts has been passionate about dance.

Through her having an incredible dancing journey she has found a joy for teaching. Now taking that journey a step further, she's currently travelling the Caribbean, embracing the culture and establishing connections with local schools with which she aim's to to give back, and is offering dance classes to young individuals, giving them the chance to get involved.

While travelling Deanna has also taken an interest in business, and has been able to establish two businesses, which is an exciting new addition to her journey.

One is in the health and wellbeing sector – something which she's also enthusiastic about – where she gets to connect with people, helping build confidence, and helping people feel good with the support of nutrition, self care and self development. The other business opportunity she shares with her partner Tieran, is the newly launched See No Bounds Bristol Central (Deanna's hometown), working with businesses via an online community hub to help them grow.

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I'm grateful ...
for my partner, Tieran.


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