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Sarah Booth-Henry

April 27, 2021

Confidence & Why Words Matter

Once shy and unconfident, in a marriage she calls ‘mundane’ and working a retail job she hated, Kim Wymer was beset with self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs. She suffered from a lifetime of bad habits and suppression until in 2011 she hit rock bottom.

In this episode, multi-hyphenate Kim chats about confidence and why the words we speak, matter... especially to ourselves.


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Kim Wymer

Kim Wymer

Kim Wymer is an inspirational positive empowerment coach, author and speaker.

Once a painfully shy and unconfident retail worker of 20 years, full of self-doubts and self-limiting beliefs, Kim suffered from a lifetime of bad habits and suppression.

It took a massive life crash in 2011 for Kim to wake up and start to pursue the path of self-help and positive thinking to find the true meaning of happiness.

Kim gained an accreditation with the Sue Stone Foundation, which teaches the tools and techniques and the mindset work to gain a happier positive outlook in life and to help people realise their true potential.

Kim is now passionate about teaching and mentoring others how to overcome diversity just as she once did, she takes you on her motivational story of transformation and leads you along her personal road to recovery demonstrating how a turbulent life can be turned around. Her experience has led her to now live her dream of becoming an author and a successful business owner. And it’s through these avenues that she continues to empower people to realise that happiness comes from within and not from outside influences.


Kim’s open honesty and braveness has helped many others to seek help in their own lives and gained back that light within. Her mission is to spread happiness and positive empowerment to help others feel the way she does now, Motivated, inspired, fulfilled, focused and most importantly, happy. She believes that happier people are much more productive, even in the work place.

Additionally, she’s passionate about painting animals; she's the illustrator behind the Dodger Dog series, and most recently began using her creativity to paint Shamanic spirit animals that she hopes supports people on their spiritual journey, using sustainable materials for the artwork.

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Out of the Shadows

~ Kym Wymer

Stuck in a mundane marriage, a job she hated and feeling lower than ever, Kim Wymer knew it would take a miracle for her to turn her life around, though she never knew that miracles could come in the post. In this story of strength and transformation, Kim takes you through the extreme highs and lows of her life, to tell you how she overcame everything that life could throw at her, and how she stepped out of her shadows and into the light.

Out of the Shadows

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