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Sarah Booth-Henry

October 5, 2021

Life Happens For Me (not to me)

In this episode Lindsay Smith chats opening about how she spent decades seeking to love herself and prove her worth. Here she shares the day she made a choice, deciding to live each and ever day believing that life is happening for her.


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Lindsay Smith

Lindsay Smith is the world’s leading authority in having it all, empowering female entrepreneurs to increase their impact and their wealth as they experience deep, authentic joy, amazing relationships, profound self-love, and live a life they truly love.  


A peer rejection early in life – devastating to a child, yet seemingly insignificant as an adult – sent Lindsay into a spiral where she spent decades seeking to love herself and prove her worth. Through this, she achieved success in business quickly. However, it took many more years before she fully embraced profound self-love and the incredible joy available to us all. 


After years of providing psychotherapy as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, participating in and developing transformational work, and creating a multimillion-dollar company, Lindsay now

empowers other female entrepreneurs to have it all – deep, authentic joy, incredible relationships, profound self-love, and unparalleled success.  


Lindsay’s mission is to eradicate the victim mentality and create an alternate paradigm where individuals choose to believe that "life is happening for me." Always. In all ways. From this new paradigm, individuals are easily able to embrace profound self-love and experience more joy than ever before in their health, wealth, and relationships.  


From this new paradigm, Lindsay empowers you to experience comfort and ease in your own skin, remarkable resiliency, and incredible certainty in your own personal power. You feel safe and free to be fully seen. You are deeply fulfilled, authentically living your purpose, experiencing ease and connection in your relationships, and creating and maintaining wealth as your business thrives. You know that you are a loving, joyful, unstoppable force, leaving an indelible mark on the world. 

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I'm grateful for
my family.


One of Lindsay's go-to favorites:


The Success Principles
~ Jack Canfield


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