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Sarah Booth-Henry

August 4, 2020

Lorna Read on Loneliness & Isolation

Recorded in the middle of a global pandemic, in this episode Lorna shares how several major life altering events in her own life, have impacted her world.


We chat about those days when it’s all she can do to wake up in the morning, how she stays as upbeat as she does by helping others,

and the mental and emotional toll loneliness and isolation can and has played.


Her journey is one of incredible vulnerability and courage….

sprinkled with the reminder to always find your inner child.


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Lorna Read

Lorna and I met in 1977 – soon after she returned from Germany with her parents and younger brother, where her father served in the British Army – and we’ve been best friends ever since.  

Over the decades, Lorna’s had a roller coaster of health issues, which led to her taking early retirement in her 20s from a career she loved, working as a cardiac technician.


Today she lives in Lancashire, England with her 17-year-old son and their dog Teddy.


I think if I looked up ‘survivor’ in a dictionary…. Lorna’s picture would be right there!

Follow Lorna at:


Samaritans offers listening and support to people and communities in times of need.

(Note: link in the logo is Samaritans in the UK; click here for Samaritans USA)


Mind offers information and advice to people with mental health problems.


The Campaign to End Loneliness believes that people of all ages need connections that matter.

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In his groundbreaking book, the 19th Surgeon General of the United States Dr. Vivek Murthy makes a case for loneliness as a public health concern: a root cause and contributor to many of the epidemics sweeping the world today from alcohol and drug addiction to violence to depression and anxiety. Loneliness, he argues, is affecting not only our health but also how our children experience school, how we perform in the workplace, and the sense of division and polarization in our society.

At the center of our loneliness is our innate desire to connect. We have evolved to participate in community, to forge lasting bonds with others, to help one another, and to share life experiences. We are, simply, better together.

43% of 17 – 25 year olds have experienced problems with loneliness [Action for Children]

The “Loneliness Epidemic” – Loneliness and social isolation can be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day [Health Resources & Services Administration; US HSS]

Coronavirus and loneliness, Great Britain: 3 April to 3 May 2020 (Office for National Statistics]

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