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Sarah Booth-Henry

October 13, 2020

Being A Good Mother

In this episode Maria chats about motherhood;

from waving her own mom off from El Salvador to being reunited

two years later in the United States, and the lessons she’s learning now as she juggles working from home and playing the role of ‘Academic Teacher’ during a pandemic-related lockdown.


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Maria Hernandez

The youngest of 4 children, Maria was born in El Salvador and came to the United States with a visa as an unaccompanied minor when she was just 8 years old … her 2 brothers following a couple of weeks later leaving their sister behind to finish Medical/nursing school. 


Their parents had made the trip 2 years earlier to set up a home and get all the necessary paperwork ready for them to become naturalized citizens.

Maria studied Advertising Graphic Design while working a variety jobs before landing an assistant role with a leading Entertainment Studio here in LA, where she’s been for the past 20 years …  and full disclosure – that’s where she and I first met.  


Married, with two daughters of her own, she’s now taken on a new and challenging title -  that of An Academic Teacher –  something which Maria says, she never had any interest of becoming.

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I'm grateful we are all healthy, no one has gotten sick, and that I'm home.

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38% of parents with children whose K-12 schools closed in the spring said that their child was very or somewhat likely to face one or more of these issues:

- Have to do their schoolwork on a cellphone
- Have to use public WiFi
- Do not have access to a computer at home


[Pew Research Center]

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