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Sarah Booth-Henry

October 18, 2022

Adventures, Open Skies & Quantum Leaps

In 2004, seeking more adventure in her life, Nicky Davies left her well-paying corporate job to follow her dreams of becoming her own boss.


In this episode, Nicky talks about the difficult times and failures she faced…. and how looking back, she believes in moments of what looked like sure defeat, opportunities presented themselves that allowed for quantum leaps in growth both in her business life as well as her own personal development.


In her own words.. “They defy logic.”


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Nicky J. Davies

In 2004, seeking more adventure in her life, Nicky left a well-paid corporate job to follow her dreams of becoming her own boss.

Nicky's business started off strong, and was learning more and more about what she was truly capable of in business, as she pushed herself to the edge of what she thought was possible for her.

Since those early days, Nicky has faced difficult times and even failures. But what she sees when she look back is that, in moments of what looks like sure defeat, an opportunity presents itself that allows for quantum leaps in growth.


And it has been those times and opportunities that have enabled her to double, and even quintuple, her previous best annual revenue time and time again.

The beautiful thing is, those opportunities have not only brought quantum leaps in her business, but also her personal development. And they defy logic. By seizing new opportunities over the years, Nicky has built a multimillion-dollar international leadership development company, WAVA Global, serving corporations and organizations the likes of Vodafone, Ooredoo, Maersk Oil, Qatar Petroleum, G4S, and the National Health Service (UK-NHS).

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I'm grateful for life!

Nicky enjoys following:

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