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Sarah Booth-Henry

November 8, 2022

Menopause & Taking Charge of the Transition

~ a revist

Eighteen months ago we began having a conversation about the menopause and taking charge of the transition.


Agreeing to come back, Victoria Jones revisits that conversation to see what’s changed and how the topic has moved forward – or not.


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Victoria Jones

Victoria Jones is the founder of the Womens Wellbeing Association and supports women to thrive through lifestyle changes that nourish health, happiness, and hormones.

A self-described Women’s Wellbeing Mentor, sharing simple lifestyle strategies and important information women need about sleep, stress, bone, gut & brain health, and purposeful movement. She’s passionate about supporting and nourishing physical, mental AND emotional wellbeing.

Having been on the path to move away from the actions that were no longer working for her - from the behaviours that left her feeling exhausted, constantly overwhelmed, surviving on poor sleep with elevated cortisol levels, Victoria now helps those of us who are ready to move away from the ‘Eat Less, Move More’ approach – to feel energized, happy and healthy… just like she does.

She has one passion:

"To inpsire and support women to take control of their health, happiness and hormones by addressing what she calls the ‘foundations of wellbeing'."


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I am grateful for my platform to be able to share my passion.


A practical guide to reigniting your spark and restoring your complete wellbeing.
~ Victoria Jones

Containing simple strategies, habit trackers and the most important information women need for a while body approach to their health and hormones, 'reignite' is a practical one-stop guide.


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Victoria is currently reading

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Ten Things I Hate About Me

~ Joe Tracini

Hi. I hope you're ok.

My name's Joe, and I have one job, every day: don't kill myself.

I live with a complex mental illness called Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

15% of people with BPD die by suicide, and 40% try.

I'm already in the 40%. My job is to keep out of the 15%.

In this book I want to try and explain what life is like when you have a brain that is essentially trying to murder you every day. It's a collection of the funny, sad and shocking stuff that has happened to me along the way.

Writing this book has been the hardest thing I've ever done. It had to be dragged into the world, with my condition telling me that every single word, sentence and chapter was terrible and would make strangers walk up to me in the street and punch me in the face.

But I had run out of options. I'd done everything I 'd been told to do and I still thought about killing myself every day. So I wrote this book to save my life.

But if there is even the smallest chance that me telling you how I live with me helps you live with you; if it opens up a space for someone, somewhere to be more honest about their mental illness, it will have been worth it.

Please don't kill yourself.

Love Joe xx

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