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Sarah Booth-Henry

May 25, 2021

Menopause & Taking Charge of the Transition

Agreeing to come back in season 2, Victoria Jones talks about taking charge of the menopausal transition, and encourages us to start a conversation so we can begin to break the old way of thinking

that it has to be something traumatic and negative.


For her, hot flashes and brain fog are signs that something is out of balance with the body, and that the earlier we can begin

to pay attention to how our body is changing,

then we can start to do the work to support it.


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Victoria Jones

Victoria Jones

Victoria Jones is a self-described Women’s Wellbeing Mentor, sharing simple lifestyle strategies and important information women need about sleep, stress, bone, gut & brain health, and purposeful movement. She’s passionate about supporting and nourishing physical, mental AND emotional wellbeing.

Having been on the path to move away from the actions that were no longer working for her - from the behaviours that left her feeling exhausted, constantly overwhelmed, surviving on poor sleep with elevated cortisol levels, Victoria now helps those of us who are ready to move away from the ‘Eat Less, Move More’ approach – to feel energized, happy and healthy… just like she does.

Victoria is also a Sue Stone accredited coach and a member of the Sue Stone Foundation… whose aim is to focus on successful living and the science of how to get it.


She has one passion:

"To inpsire and support women to take control of their health, happiness and hormones by addressing what she calls the ‘foundations of wellbeing'."

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... success for me
is a feeling.


What does success mean to Victoria?


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